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17s SW Minnesota Stars

Tournaments 2019
2019 x Tournaments

Matt Hmielewski

No photo neutral 70
1 · G

Jack Hested

No photo neutral 70
3 · G

Zach Durfee

No photo neutral 70
5 · G

Matthew Moorse

No photo neutral 70
11 · G

Aaron Loe

No photo neutral 70
13 · G

Zachary Morrell

No photo neutral 70
15 · G

Blake Wadsworth

No photo neutral 70
20 · G

Damon Walhof

No photo neutral 70
21 · W

Jordan Sagedahl

No photo neutral 70
23 · G

Max McCulloch

No photo neutral 70
24 · W

Nathan Ross

No photo neutral 70
31 · G/W

Wyatt Frank

No photo neutral 70
33 · PF

Matt Haken

No photo neutral 70
42 · PF

Justin VanKooten

No photo neutral 70

Matthew Moorse #11·G 17s SW Minnesota Stars · 2019

No photo neutral
Height 5'11"
Weight 160
School BOLD
Grad Year 2020
Parents Mark & Sandy
GPA 3.9
Bio Senior year averaged 10 Points, 4 Assists, 3 Rebs, 1.5 Steals
College Interest D3 and NAIA
Other Sports Baseball
Hometown Olivia
Date of Birth 10/10/2001

Profile Detaiils

Matthew Moorse is a three sport high school athlete who participates at the varsity level for football, basketball, and baseball.  He is a member of the National Honor Society, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, three sport letterman, and has been awarded the West Central Conference All- Academic Award for the past three years.  In 2018, Matthew received the All Academic –District Award.  His faith is important to him and continues to be his foundation.

Since Matthew has been on varsity, the BOLD Warriors have been Conference Champions for the past two years in Baseball and past three years in Football.  BOLD Warrior Football Team was awarded Class A State Championship Runner Up in 2018 at US Bank Stadium.  This accomplishment was his highlight and favorite memory of the football season.  

Matthew join the SW MN Stars during the 2018 season.  Matthew states the program has elevated Matthew’s passion for the game of basketball to the next level.  The higher level of instruction and competition has challenged and pushed Matthew to achieve his higher goals.  He has gained qualities such as working hard, dedication, playing as a team, and individual skill development all while focusing on God.  Doing all of this while developing relationships with teammates and coaches has been a true blessing.

Matthew takes pride in his quickness on the court and has an aggressive style of play on both ends of the floor.  Matthew is a hard worker with mental toughness, and he has the ability to score from the perimeter while also getting to rim in transition.  His team-first attitude, never quit work ethic, competitiveness and energy on the court are valued traits of Matthew to his team.

Matthew has goals to play basketball at college level and he plans to study Pre-Physical Therapy.  His college goals are to grow as an individual, to focus on academics to advance into the graduate program, and to be actively involved in campus programs.    

Beyond college, Matthew has professional, personal and spiritual goals.  Professionally, his goal is to become a Doctor of Physical Therapy and focus on sports injury recovery and prevention of injuries so athletes can function at their full potential.  Personally, he would like to coach youth basketball in his community and spiritually, he wants to continue to follow Christ by serving others and grow in his faith.