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SW MN Stars 14U

Tournaments 2022
2022 x Tournaments

April 23-24 Roster

Blue Orange
Griffin Zick Eli Alcorn
Connor Bose Chase Alcorn
Gunner Liebl Kade Moffitt
Brody Dack Tony Zaleski
Jaydon Johnson Eli Weedman
JR Vierstraete Aiden Olson
Cooper Schnichels Mykel Paulsen
Maxwell Miller Jon Driggs
Neil Kuehl (Gone)

May 14-15 - St Cloud Roster

No Blue
1 Connor Bose
2 Neil Kuehl
3 Gunner Liebl
4 Jaydon Johnson
5 JR Vierstraete
6 Cooper Schnichels
7 Brody Dack
8 Eli Weedman
9 Tony Zaleski
10 Griffin Zick

Warwick Shootout Roster (May 21-22)

1 Griffin Zick
2 Connor Bose
3 Neil Kuehl
4 Gunner Liebl
5 Jaydon Johnson (Sat)
6 Cooper Schnichels
7 Brody Dack
8 Tony Zaleski
9 Maxwell Miller

Dakota Challenge - July 15-17

1 Griffin Zick 1 Kade Moffitt
2 Gunner Liebl 2 Chase Alcorn
3 Cooper Schnichels 3 Eli Alcorn
4 Maxwell Miller 4 Aidan Olson
5 Jayson Johnson (Sun) 5 Tony Zaleski
6 JR Vierstraete 6 Mykel Paulsen
7 Brody Dack 7 Eli Weedman
8 Neil Kuehl Injured Connor Bose
Gone Jon Driggs

Planning on two teams for tournament in Sioux Falls

Pentagon Summer Slam - July 8-10

No Player
1 Griffin Zick
2 Connor Bose
3 Neil Kuehl (Fri & Sat)
4 Gunner Liebl
5 Brody Dack
6 Cooper Schnichels
7 Tony Zaleski
8 Max Miller
9 Kade Moffitt

Great Alliance - June 29-30

Blue Player Orange Player
1 Griffin Zick 1 Kade Moffitt
2 Eli Weedman 2 Chase Alcorn
3 Gunner Liebl 3 Eli Alcorn
4 Jayson Johnson 4 Aidan Olson
5 JR Vierstraete 5 Tony Zaleski
6 Brody Dack 6 Mykel Paulsen
7 Maxwell Miller 7 Neil Kuehl
Gone Connor Bose
Gone Cooper Schnichels Gone Jon Driggs

June 4-5 - SF Pentagon Tournament

No Player
1 Griffin Zick
2 Connor Bose
3 Neil Kuehl
4 Gunner Liebl
5 Cooper Schnichels
6 Brody Dack
7 Kade Moffitt
8 Jon Driggs
9 Aiden Olson (Sat Only)
10 Tony Zaleski (Sun Only)

Recent SW MN Stars 14U News

2022 Player Evaluations / Team Tryouts

02/06/2022, 10:00am CST
By Ryan Reitsma

Begins Sunday, March 13 in Marshall, MN

14U Team and 15U Team Tryouts have been scheduled to start on Sunday, March 13 with 2nd date being Wednesday, March 16, 2022.  We currently plan to have 16 players per age group for 14U and 15U while have two teams competing on several tournament weekends. 

16U and 17U tryout dates will be March 19 and March 22 at Marshall Middle School and High School.

We will have 12-13 players for 16U and 17U teams with 9-10 players attending tournaments on 7-8 Tournaments.

All players on the team are expected to attend these tryouts and team development. Tryouts will include skill evaluation, athletic ability, and team play.  Come ready to compete and improve.

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